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    How to clear recently played on spotify

    What exactly is Spotify?

    Spotify is the largest and most well-known music streaming platform. However, it provides podcast users also.

    Available as an application for PC, Apple, and Android mobile tablets and phones, It has millions and billions of users each day from all over the world.

    What’s the meaning of Spotify’s “Recently Played” playlist?

    Spotify keeps a record of every song you’ve been listening to. It’s convenient if you’ve opened the app and are eager to get back into the album you skipped last night or the music you’re just listening to.

    But it can be a little annoying in certain instances, mainly when you start to slip into an endless loop of the same songs every day and over again, and the ever-present ‘Recently Played’ section is the primary source of the blame! In this case, you’ll need to know how to remove your Recently Played music on Spotify

    How to clear recently played on spotify

    • It is possible to clear off your “Recently Played” list on Spotify to reduce piles of clutter, especially if you do not intend to listen to a piece of specific music or podcast.
    • You can only delete your list of recently played music by using the desktop app. The feature isn’t available on the Spotify mobile app.

    How can you remove Recently Played items from the Spotify Desktop app

    • Start your Spotify application on your computer and, if you are prompted to sign in, click Yes.
    • Open your Spotify application on your PC, and, if you are started, sign in.
    • Hit the Now Playing icon located in the lower right corner.
    • In the left-hand sidebar, click on Recently Played.

    How to clear recently played on spotify

    • Then, right-click all of the songs playlists, albums, and podcasts you would like to eliminate from your Recently Played in the pop-up menu choose ‘Remove from your Liked Songs

    How to clear recently played on spotify

    • The chosen item(s) have been removed from your list of recently played song.

    How to clear recently played on spotify

    • Unfortunately, any content you remove from the Desktop app from the Recently Played won’t be removed from mobile apps.

    How to clear recently played on spotify

    • So there it is. The closest we could be to helping you remove the recently played music. You can try to delete your cache in Spotify’s mobile app.
    • Spotify mobile app by selecting Settings > Storage > Clear cache; however, we haven’t found the most efficient solution.

    Is it possible to retrieve an unintentionally deleted ‘Recently played List?

    If you clear the information stored about your Most Recently Played List, it will be deleted permanently, however, only for the Desktop application. But, once you begin streaming new tracks, Spotify will start populating the list.



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