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    Red dot on Apple watch how to remove it

    When you get notifications that haven’t been read for the Apple Watch, you’ll see a red dot high-up on the face of your Watch. If you’re looking for a neat appearance, you can cover the red dot, and we’ll demonstrate how.

    What the significance is of is there a Red Dot?

    The red dot in Apple Watch’s notifications is equivalent to iPhone’s badge notifications. It is useful when you only receive a few messages. However, it’s not the case for all people. If you receive lots of red notices, it will remain in the Watch’s display almost all the time. If turning off device notifications isn’t an alternative, look into making the red dot disappear. It is the method we’ll use in the following section.

    Disable your Apple Watch Red Dot Using Your iPhone

    There are two methods to hide the red dot referred to by Apple’s “Notifications Indicator” on your Apple Watch. However, we’ll guide you on how to hide the red dot with your iPhone first.

    • On your, iPhone Open the Watch app and then tap “Notifications.”


    The first option that you can find in Apple Watch notification settings is known as “Notifications Indicator.” Tap the button right next to the “Notifications Indicator” to hide the red dot from the screen of your Apple Watch. Make sure that if the toggle is green, then it’s on. If it’s not, then it’s off.

    • That’s it. In Exit Settings, the red dot will not be visible.


    Remove Red Dots from the Apple Watch

    You can also conceal the red dot away from your Apple Watch. To do that, you must wake the screen of your Watch by pressing the display one time. After that, hit activate the Digital Crown, which is the big circular button on the back of your Apple Watch.

    The Digital Crown opens the list or grid of applications on Your Apple Watch. Next, press the gear icon to open Settings.

    Red dot on Apple watch how to remove it open setting


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    • In the Apple Watch settings, open “Notifications.”

    Switch the switch next to “Notifications Indicator” to off. Again, you’ll be able to determine if the switch is turned off by examining its colour. If the colour is green, it’s enabled. If it’s gray, it’s disabled.


    Red dot on Apple watch how to remove it trun it off

    Then, you can exit Settings. The red dots are hidden on your Apple Watch, and you can finally appreciate the fresh look of your Watch’s display. Does anyone have the time?


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