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    Contrary to what many people believe, marketing isn’t
    only about educating and communicating on your product and its offerings. It’s all about everything
    involved in creating the development, marketing it, promoting it, selling it,
    and getting the customer to purchase it (and repurchase it).
    Marketing doesn’t revolve around the item. Marketing is
    centered around the customers. The Process is focused on analyzing ways to
    create, develop, and improve products that meet customers’ wants, needs, and
    desires while also aiding the company to grow and sustain.

    What is marketing, its purpose, and how is it crucial?

    Marketing Definition

    Marketing is a set of practices employed to get to know
    the audience better, create an appealing product, convey value, and satisfy the
    targeted audience’s needs, desires, and needs. All this while making an income.
    In simple terms, marketing is a broad term that

    encompasses the following:

    • • Identifying the unmet requirements, desires,
      • and needs of the intended
      • market,
      • Making a product that addresses the unmet
      • requirements,
      • Communication of value to the intended audience
      • Providing value to satisfy the wants, conditions,
      • and wants of customers, as well as
      • Making a profit.
      A basic
      description of the term “marketing” is the Process of Kotler states, “meeting
      the needs of your customer at a profit.” So marketing encompasses
      everything an organization needs to satisfy the demands of its clients and,
      more importantly, in a way that makes money.

    What Is The Purpose Of Marketing?

    Contrary to what most people believe, the function of
    marketing doesn’t just revolve around selling products. With seven purposes of marketing which range from the development of products
    from pricing to selling, marketing covers all aspects of the business. It is
    aimed at achieving the three primary goals of the company.
    The identification of the goals and requirements of the
    The development of services that bring added value to
    customers and
    Marketing and communication of the product to make

    What Is The Importance Of Marketing?

    Marketing is crucial as it allows the company to focus on
    the customer as the main focus and create a sustainable business that is
    beneficial to society.
    It is at the center of the company that collects
    information from outside then filters it and transforms it into strategies to
    help the business satisfy the customers’ requirements and earn profit.
    Marketing is crucial since it connects all departments of the
    the company, including production, distribution techniques, and sales and
    marketing, which makes the company take a more holistic approach.

    What Are The Objectives Of Marketing?

    The principal goal of marketing is to meet customers’
    needs while earning profit. In addition, the other five purposes of marketing
    include –
    Customers Satisfaction satisfies the
    clients’ wants, needs, desires, wishes, and needs.


    Earning profit for the business to fund sustainable growth.

    Demand creation: Develop

    demand for the products by educating your target customers about them.


    Building a brand for the product or service and distinguishing it from the other players on the market.

    Make Goodwill And Public Image:

    The Process of creating an image for an organization and even increasing their equity by
    offering products consistent with the promises to customers.



    The Four Principles Of Marketing

    Marketing is the sum of all the actions associated with
    transferring items between the vendor and the purchaser. It is based on four
    principles. These principles, often referred to as”the 4Ps” or marketing mix, are:

         1. Product:

    This is a product that the company sells or plans to offer.

          2. Price:

    It is what the company is charging to the customer for its service.


    It refers to the point of sale, which is the location where the item is offered to the public for purchase.

       4. Promo:

    includes all  strategies used to communicate and convince the
    client to purchase the item.
    These four principles are the foundations of marketing.
    These principles are the basis for the primary functions of marketing, too.


    an offer that will satisfy the market
    was pricing the product by predicting the optimal combination of the value
    of the product and the customer’s capacity to pay to maximize profit.


    the brand’s message, branding message, offer, and USP boost sales.

    Nature Of Marketing

    Marketing is believed to be holistic. Although there is typically an emphasis on a
    specific objective, marketing attempts to use the 360-degree method to achieve the goal.


    Function Marketing can be described as a procedure that requires the
    control of the product, location, price, and the promotion of the
    company holistically.


    Process Marketing involves a group of people that results in parties
    getting what they want by exchanging and creating goods and services.


    Marketing revolves around meeting clients’ wants, needs, and desires and
    earning profit while fulfilling them.

     science and art

    It is a science since it needs the marketing
    professional to know the customer’s behavior and
    art, which entails applying this knowledge and capabilities to create
    demand for the service.


    Marketing is about achieving the objectives of the business by aligning
    them with customers’ goals.


    activity: Marketing involves the marketer interacting actively with the
    public throughout the industry.


    Process This ensures that the company is at a time with the evolving
    business environment and the trends and needs of customers.

    Scope Of Marketing

    Comparing it to other aspects of business marketing’s
    responsibilities appears somewhat expansive. It is part of the company’s
    activities and can be found at every stage of the buying process for customers.
    A different kind of marketing, referred to by the name of online marketing, has grown to extend the reach of internet-based


    research: Studying the needs of consumers and behavior of consumers.


    Development and Planning: Planning and developing products based on the marketplace’s


    of the Product: Pricing the offering by the product’s value and buyer’s
    capacity to pay to maximize profits.


    Distributing the offering so that it is accessible anytime
    the customer needs it.


    Communicating the right message that leads to demand creation.


    Offering incentives that boost sales.


    Offering after-sales assistance to the customer to maintain the
    excellent image of the brand on the market.

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